Trivik Verma

Trivik Verma

Assistant Professor of Urban Science and Policy

Delft University of Technology

I am an Assistant Professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management in Delft University of Technology. I lead the Computational Urban Science and Policy research group at the department of Multi-Actor Systems. I am in the advisory team of the TPM AI Lab and also an active member of the Dutch Network Science community and the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering.

My research focusses on understanding the fundamental processes that drive, shape and sustain cities. In our group, we leverage large-scale datasets borne of the digital age and networked societies to develop computational frameworks for advancing a transdisciplinary urban science. We investigate how urban data can be useful in investigating the spatial and temporal scales of the different layers of urban systems: infrastructure form, networked material and information flows, and socioeconomic dynamics of citizens, all linked together through various governance systems. We also research how city management and planning can utilise such research to design more equitable and effective policy options. I am particularly interested in the design of methods that facilitate a clear path for cities to address some of the major challenges of equity and sustainability of our society.

I also instruct on remote expeditions for National Geographic where high school students have the opportunity to learn about conservation, anthropology, engineering and policy. Previously, I helped build a media and technology startup dedicated to the cause of making this planet a healthier place through authentic journalism and data science at The Outdoor Journal.