WeekLectureTopicLearning GoalsPython LibrariesHomework / LabsAssessment
Week 1Lecture 1Introduction to Data Science-H1
Week 1Lecture 2Problem UnderstandingAnaconda and JupyterAssignment 1
Week 2Lecture 3Obtaining DataObtain, DiscussRequests + JSONH2
Week 2Lecture 4Data, Grammar and EngineeringDiscuss, manipulate and ConsolidateNumpy, Scipy, PandasH3
Week 3Lecture 5Exploratory Data AnalysisInterpretSeaborn + MatplotlibH4
Week 3Lecture 6Geo-VisualisationDescribe, AnalyseGeopandasAssignment 2
Week 4Lecture 7How are things connected? - Networks and Spatial WeightsDescribe, AnalyzeNetworkx + OsmnxH5
Week 4Lecture 8Supervised Learning - RegressionApplyScikit-learnH6
Week 5Lecture 9Regularisation and Dimensionality ReductionInferH7
Week 5Lecture 10Bayesian vs FrequentistApplyAssignment 3
Week 6Lecture 11Unsupervised Learning - ClusteringApplyH8
Week 6Lecture 12ClassificationApplyH9
Week 7Lecture 13Causal InferenceInferAssignment 4
Week 10Final Project