Late Assignments

Assignments must be handed in at the end of a Friday in the week an assignment is due. Late assignments will receive a 10% penalty for each day or part thereof that they are delayed. This means a grade 90/100 that is 1.5 days late will be reduced to a 70/100. Assignments more than 10 days late will not be accepted and you will receive a zero for that assignment. If you do turn in a late assignment, you must turn it in via Brightspace so that we know exactly when it was turned in and can calculate the point reduction. It is your responsibility to understand this policy - if there is anything unclear, ask me!

Assignment Format

All assignments will be handed in via bCourses. Assignments should include your full name on each page. In addition, in order to help with grading, I would like you to include word counts at the end of each writing assignment.


I normally respond to emails within a day during a course period. If there is a delay of over 72 hours, do send a reminder. It is not your responsibility to remind me but it may be that the email went to spam or did not reach me. Do not expect us to respond to last minute emails before assignments are due. Substantive questions should be saved for office hours with either me or the TAs.

Academic Honesty

This is a course designed to provoke critical thinking. While I encourage study groups and working together to understand course material, all written work should be your own. Please do not use other students’ work for your assignments. If you cite an author or use his/her ideas, please cite properly. Plagiarized assignments will receive a failing mark. More information on what constitutes as plagiarism is available from the TU Delft Code of Student Conduct: http://sa.berkeley.edu/student-code-of-conduct. If you have any further questions, please ask.

Grade Disputes

Students who wish to dispute grades on an assignment must do so in writing. Grade disputes must be submitted no sooner than 24 hours after receiving your grade, but within two weeks. Any dispute should outline specifically why you feel there is an error and should not contain information about what grades you usually get or how long you spent on the assignment. Please note that grades may be lowered as well as raised after reviewing assignments.

Electronic Technology Policy

Computers (laptops, phones, tablets etc.) and recording devices are not allowed in class except to take the 5-minute quiz during section. Please turn these off and put them away before each class.

Special Needs / Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

We are committed to creating a learning environment welcoming of all students. If you have any special needs, please notify us as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodations can be made. If an unexpected personal or medical challenge is interfering with your ability to complete assignments and/or attend class, it is your responsibility to contact us as early as possible.