Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code

Setting up Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code


As you know there are plenty IDEs available for Python and R: PyCharm, Spyder, Atom and others. Take a look at 2019 comparison prepared by DataCamp. From our practical experience, it seems that VS Code has taken the lead. Why so? Well, first of all, it is free. Second, in August 2019, VS Code obtained a new feature: support Jupyter Notebooks. Third, it has a nice minimalist UI, you won’t get lost! There are other nice features, Git extensions, linting, etc. that you can explore here.

What is the actual difference between VS code and Atom?

Step 1: Download and install Visual Studio Code

Step 2: Install Python extension

Step 3: Select Python interpreter and run the code

Cloud solutions


Google Collaboratory

RStudio Cloud

Microsoft Azure Notebooks

or use Jupyter Notebook in AWS